Monday, December 5, 2011

Catching up

Gosh! Where does the time go?  Haven't posted in awhile but I've thought about it! msny times, in fact. Stuff always seems so interesting at the moment, but then when I get tired enough to quit sewing or quilting- whatever the treat of the day is, by then I'm too tired to mess with the pics & stuff. Bah humbug! But I SURE DO enjoy reading & surfing all you other quilters' blogs!  Thanks to all of you in blog land!
We got some more NEW stuff at Ardmore's Scrap Basket! You'll want to come see! My new favorites are these decals for windows. Each one is a different sewing theme.

Today I got to look at a 1923 book called Carter County School Journal.  It was similar
to a Criterion except it was all the schools in Carter County. Imagine! 
There was a head teacher with the last name of Zaneis-- and now Zaneis is a little town.  There were several
teachers & administrators by the last name Galt, even a John Galt.  Wonder if he was related to the
fictional character in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged ?
Well, I guess it's a little difficult to be related to a fictional character.....
One of my school buddy's father is named Jack Langston. I found a picture of a Jack Langston who was the
mayor of Healdton.  Wonder if that's her ancestor? 
What's the earliest telephone number YOU remember?  My childhood had
numbers like CApital 3-xxxx.  Or.... CA3-4422. Then is was CA6-4422.  The "CA" became
numbers only, like 223-4422 or 226-4422. We never needed to give the Area Code.  Look
at THIS pic!  The telephone numbers are just a few digits.  I saw one that was "10".  See the
drug store at bottom edge of page. Dr Boadway's # had ofc 749 and residence 395. Dr Pollock must
have gotten his phone a little later because it has 4 digits: ofc 2381, res 2509 ! 

How about that? They redid matresses! 
Have you ever seen a "felt" mattress? Neither have i. And their's was a 3-digit telephone #!
Lots-o-quilting going on around here. Most projects are other people's
Christmas gifts. I'll show you the back of one, though.

And here's my sister ANN with our grand daughter Keira on
Thanksgiving. Two pretty women!

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