Monday, December 12, 2011

Here's more of the mooka-quilted quilt. 
well- mooka & feathers. Mookas in the center stars and the border, feathers elsewhere. I was
trying to make the stars look like they were whizzing around & I love to do feathers. 

 The backsides - if the quilting can be seen on the back-side fabrics- is cool too! Sometimes I end
up liking the backs better than the fronts!

Processes?  I try to balance out the quilting- and I'm pretty firm on outlining blocks, borders, and major shapes with stitch-in-the-ditch.  Sometimes, like the Lego quilt from yesterday, the design just begs for opposites. Those lego strips were all straight & narrow so I quilted circles.  The "first" quilt I posted a couple days ago was all curvy lines because the blocks were all squares & rectangles. The BASKETS and WHEELS quilts for Moda were all outlined & then quilted.  Yet the McDonald's quilt was just meandered because- after all - it was T-shirts & they themselves were the point, not the quilting. But I got my 2 cents in with the Golden Arches Border!
Taking the day "off" tomorrow again to work on completing Christmas projects (not ours, though). I'm grateful for the fella that helps out at the store when I want to play hookie! 


Alycia said...

Wow - That is really pretty, front and back. I love the texture you can see on the back. Great job!

C. Joy said...

I love the back of your quilt. Beautiful job.