Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pay It Forward...and disappointed!

Disappointed and It's Not Even Christmas yet?  YES!  LOL  It's a disappointment that I'll be able to fix as soon as I get some TIME, though!  I love easy fixes!  Except....the "time" part won't happen until late next week or the week after Christmas.  Remember the Christmas Blog Hop Party- link on the right side bar?  I haven't even gotten time to visit the list of blogs myself!  but the disappointing part is that I haven't gotten to send a reply to all the people who've commented on MY blog!  I sure do want to! I like to click on the names in the comments to find your blogs and check them out. Some I'm even following!  I'm really excited to connect with new quilty friends- and y'all are all around the world!  Great FUN! I shall get to all of them sooner or later!
Checking the blogs day-b4-yesterday netted a Pay It Forward challenge that I accepted.  It was found on a day in the life of raising six munchkins blog.  Lisa (on that blog) has some rules to the game such as re-posting the challenge here on my blog.  You can check out that link to see the rest.  For my rules:
1.  I will send something I've created to each of the 1st 3 people who commit to do the same on THIS post sometime during the next 365 days.  (Most likely it'll be in January,before I forget hahaha!)  
2.  When you commit to doing it also, post something similar to this post or Lisa's post on YOUR blog within the 48 hours following your comment here so I'll know you're serious.  If you don't, I'll move on to the next person as one of "The Three".
3. Yeah, you gotta have a blog.
4. I hope at least 3 people take the challenge!
5.  Have you ever paid for the order *behind you* at a drive-through restaurant?  It sure surprises that person!  The most I enjoyed was when I got to buy coffee for the guy behind me. Of course I had no way of knowing it was only coffee until I found it was only 58cents, but the reason I SO wanted to do it was that he had a VET cap on. Seems like it was an Army vet & I asked the cashier to tell him that I liked his hat.  He gave me a thumbs-up sign when he pulled up to the cashier window! I'd have given him a hug if I could have! 


Lynnie said...

I don't know how many other people have commented thus far, but I love this idea! I think I shall take you up on the offer and post it to my blog, I will cue it for posting after the first of the year! Blessings and Merry Christmas!

Lynnie said...

Ok.. I see now that I need to do this right away. I will be posting it to my blog in within a day, so just check back. I do have three things in mind already.. so I will just package them and wait for 3 lovely bloggers to participate! Blessings!