Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas in February?

I've heard of Christmas in July, but Christmas in February? New Fabric lines come out (I think) around Market times- and there's a Spring Market and a Fall Market , plus lots of other events & maybe new fabrics get released then too. There are so many quilting fabrics out these days, and even new manufacturers that it's possible new fabrics come out every day! Gosh! What if we were coerced into buying some of EVERY fabric for out stashes????? Just imagine how big iour stashes would be then!

Chelair sent me a top to quilt that's from a soon-to-be-available line called JOY by Kate Spain, manufactured by Moda. As it often happens, I'd been surfing through quilters' blogs and FB pages and had come across multitudes of gorgeous quilting.  My favorite of this minute is Judi Madsen at Green Fairy Quilting .  By all means, go have a look at her work! Gor-ge-mous!  I even pinned at least one and maybe 2 of her pics on my PINTEREST.  Judi's work is so creative that they merit *studying* each picture just to see all she's done!  She's got a great tutorial up since yesterday - check it out!

Another place I got hung up this last week was at Alex & Ricky's The Quilt Show . Somewhere in my surfing I learned of Episode 802 where Ronda Beyer was demonstrating her rulers and curved crosshatching. I did find the rulers that Ronda produced for sale at Quilters' Rule and I ordered the small S curve one. It didn't arrive, though, until this quilt was done but I already had some curved templates from Renee Haddadin. I got all enthused!  What was the next quilt top up?  Why that Christmas quilt, of course!  The 1st couple of spaces I did were a little scary because it was on a real quilt, not a practice piece, but it worked out ok. I was VERY surprised at how quickly curved crosshatching becomes 2nd nature.  I DID  have 1 pretty bad problem, though.  Each time I'd get a pass done, I'd have to sit and stare at it for awhile.  The texture is Lovely!  and it makes so much movement in the quilt!

I'll be doing more of this- so WATCH OUT, Karen!  (She's the 1 with the most tops in queue.)


beaquilter said...

is that YOUR fabric stash?? I'm totally jealous, mine is tiny compared to this, great christmas quilt btw- too late or too early?

fancystitching said...

LOVELY quilting!! And if that IS your stash, could you please come organize mine? Pretty please, with sugar on top??