Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Old Dog Learns New Trick!

How old IS an old dog,anyway? We've had several animals, both dogs & cats, that have lived to almost 20 years old.  We take good care of our animals.  The dog in the title is "me"!  yep! 

I warned Karen to watch out for curved cross-hatching. I was just a-playing along loving the curves. I got to the end of the row, looked back at that 1st block where I'd done the curved crosshatch and it looked dusty!  Hmmmmmm, how'd that happen?  The backing for this quilt is brown and the front uses a dark ruby, a pink and a beige.  So I'd been stitching with a brown thread that matched the back. Where all that thread was in the curved x-hatching, that's where it looked dusty. Guess it was the brown on the red.. What's the remedy? Frog-stitch!  NOrmally I slip the ripper through every 3rd or 4th stitch, then pull the thread out from the other side. But --- look here http://youtu.be/l6jaVst0zqw
Now, understand that I have that tool.  I don't use it much but it IS a good tool.  Tell you what-  Renee's tip does make it go fast!  I had stabilized the entire quilt with the brown thread. It doesn't een show on the back so I'm going to leave all that in. It's just that x-hatching and the other swirly parts that I"m removing. I've stiched on a different row in that ruby colored thread & I do like that.

Learned some other stuff this last week, too. Had a memory from school days brought to mind & I learned that I can still feel like a giddy school kid even though I'm rather "long of tooth" as they used to say.
I also RE-learned a little thing this last week.  Stabilize, use a long pin cross-wise across large areas left temporarily un-quilted so the fabric doesn't shift so much when rolled.  Hat-tip to Lisa Calle whose picture on FB reminded me. Isn't this beautiful quilting?
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Karen said...

Love the cross hatch quilting.