Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Market just happened again!  Isn't it AWESOME that we have so much "stuff" these days as quilters?  I can remember in the 80's & early 90's, there weren't all that many quilt shops & fabrics aimed at quilters.  There were "calicoes" etc. found at regular fabric stores.  That was back when people MADE things like dresses & shirts & pants & .....   I gave up making clothing when I took up quilting!  LOL

Market is more than just stuff for sale to the retailers.  It's a chance to network & see old friends & make new friends. Connect with people you blog with, etc.  It's also a chance to see LOTS of quilting because all the fabric manufacturers have quilts showing their new fabric lines.  Awesome to see all the leading-edge quilting in one place.

Sweet Chelair at Moda sent me one to get to work on.  It used CUZCO by Kate Spain that you see pictured at the top.  I fell in love with the backing!  It was orange with pink figure 8's like the blue & lavender one shown above.  I'm not an orange person (makes my skin look yellow) but boy do I like that fabric!

Yesterday there was a box at my front door about the same size as the one that the quilt top & backing arrived. 1st thought was- hmmm what could this be because I know Market is over & they don't need quilting this week. Very Pleasant Surprise!  Moda sent me a layer cake & jelly roll in CUZCO in thanks for squeezing their quilt in!  Gee, Thanks, y'all!  Yet another reason why MODA is my favorite!


Monica said...

I really enjoyed seeing this quilt at Market. The quilting really made the quilt!

Alicia said...

thanks so much, Monica! It was fun to do!

Karen said...

Beautiful !!!!!!1
Hope you get that machine down there soon.

Brigitte said...

I saw your quilting at Market in person and it was AWESOME!!! It made the quilt. wonderful!