Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's always heart-warming to see people who cherish their families even after all they've been through. Some of us think  our parents ruined us!  LOL  I had a chance recently to help a friend celebrate her family- or parents, actually.  Susan wanted to create an anniversary present for her parents. My suggestion was to use fabric on freezer paper sent to each relative with a permanent pen so they could each draw or write something to the celebrated couple.  Collect them back & sew 'em up!

Susan did a GREAT job making the quilt.  Here are a few quick pics of how it turned out. The 1st one up top is only half the quilt.  LOVE the colors! Some blocks were very artistic, some had poetry, the bottom one below was a child-- think she said 4 yrs old. So that mom let the kid do his thing, then put his handprints over it.  Awesome!

I didn't get to quilt this for Susan-- she needed it faster than I could get to it but whoever did it did a fine job! 

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