Monday, May 7, 2012

Karen's big quilt

What size is YOUR bed?  We've slept on a king ever since.....well, suffice to say we've always slept on a king! That way I don't have to count up the years! LOL

We like our bed topping- whether you call it a bed spread or quilt or whatever - to be long enough to cover both of us & still have some hanging over the sides.  I have made quilts about 120 x 120-- but that is really too big- by about 6 inches or so.  And I haven't made a quilt for US lately. But Karen made a BIG one!
This one is 110 x 110--- lots-o-qulting but freehanded mostly  with a template here-n-there.

This is a 2-block quilt made from charm squares of Karen's scraps.   The block above is 1, and the block below is the other block.
The quilt was stabilized 1st, then I went back to do all the blocks.  

 The border was left until last because they were so large and I needed to "think awhile" on what to do. Ohhhh- what to do!   I started with a template across the top, then figured out the corner. Pictures were taken so that by the time I got back to the other end, somebody could help me remember what I'd done!  So here's how the corner started out.....

 It was left empty inside because -- well, because I was still "thinking about it!"  But here's how it turned out in the end- see the swirl inside the odd-shaped frame?
 Here's another shot. This one was taken after the quilt was turned & last border done.

 Hope whoever gets this quilt likes free flowing swirls!
You might be wondering why the quilt seems "wrinkly" while I'm quilting it.  Lately I've been stabilizing the whole quilt 1st, then going back to do more quilting.  So after stabilizing, the quilt gets rolled backwards back onto the bottom bar as I quilt bottom to top.  When I reach the top, I start on the borders and work my way back down.  If necessary, after the top & bottom borders are done, I turn the quilt to do the last 2 borders at once rather than start-n-stop while rolling.  Where the quilts been rolled onto the take-up bar as you see in this last pic,  that's when it gets a little wrinkled but all the wrinkles come out!

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