Monday, May 7, 2012

Love this quilting!

A few weeks ago, I named my "favorite quilter of the moment".  Now I feel like one of the
judges on American Idol!  There are too many whose influence has affected me in the last
few weeks!  I can't just pick one!   
 I'm SOOOOO glad for the internet. Quilters always share SO much- in pictures and tips and even videos!  This last 3 weeks I squeezed in Carla Barrett's online class on using a tablet to design the quilting on quilts.  There wasn't time to get all the practice exercises done but I learned a lot just watching the videos. I'll go back to do the exercises as soon as the new Bamboo arrives.  I had ordered one for the class but I sure can't find it anywhere!  Who took it? ( After the new one shows up, the old one will surface!)

 I loved doing these white squares.  Lisa Calle put out a DVD about dividing the quilting space into manageable pieces, then quilting.  I saw her trace a circle template, then quilt around I tried it with this loopy thing. Love it!

The shape in the corner is filled with curved crosshatch. Looks like a pineapple!

Here's what the whole quilt looks like. I hope Karen likes it! And--whoever she's giving it to!  

 This little one is such a people-kitten. He goes where ever the people are. He even found him a spot beside me while I was finishing the quilt!  Animals are such companions! And as I type this--he's crawling up on my chair! The little lover boy!


fancystitching said...

MARVELOUS quilting, indeed! I love Carla's border technique. I have used that on several quilts and it always turns out really awesome. WAY TO GO!! Now... get something entered into MQX West, my friend... you are ready!!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Alicia. Really like your quilting. I always break my quilting into sections, but mine never looks so elegant!
best, nadia