Friday, May 25, 2012

Weird Stuff

These pics were taken a few months ago, maybe February.  I thought the frost was pretty special. See how it scooped off the window kind of like ice cream?  
 Have a look at these next 3 pics:  the crystals can be seen sticking OUT from the window!

 Just child-like wonder, I guess.
 We have a friend who brings "old" finds to our store.  This is his toe and his finger in the below pic.  Can you guess what that thing is?

It's an old-style baby walker!  You can see the small casters on the bottom ring.  The little tray sticks out for a toy or something- maybe food!  And you can see in the upside-down phone where the hooks were on the main frame for the seat that the baby sat on.  It was dated 1902, if I recall...

Check out this photo from some website I was on.  Have you ever seen the term
"EMBIGGEN"  ??????

 Have you visited one of my favorite pattern people Kellie,  in Australia, whose website is
Don't Look Now?   Doesn't this card by "Leanin' Tree"  look like one of Kellie's patterns?
 Have you tried Zentangle?  Lots of it inspires new quilting shapes!
 This is an ad in an old 1923 Carter County Schools Directory.  (pre-Criterion days)
I guess instead of getting a new mattress, ya got the old one cleaned????   And see that phone #?
Just 3 digits!
 The fellow whose toes & hand you saw above also brought in one of these mechanized pinkers. His isn't as bright-n-shiny as this box shows but it WORKS! Very sharp! It cuts through a piece of fabric as if it were a hot knife through butter! And when I googled it- I found this BLOG by Liesl at Oliver + S .
Cool stuff, huh? 


beaquilter said...

wow! that's a walker?? no way... technology sure has come a long way! give them poisonous plastic now instead of metal to slobber and chew on :-)
how do you embed the music on your blog?? I love this song!! well I'll play with it

Sheila said...

I've seen the term "embiggen" for years online. I think the first place I saw it was the blog of famous knitter, The Yarn Harlot / Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I've never seen it as a part of software, though.