Tuesday, June 26, 2012


No, we don't do fireworks anymore. Too old. or Too Cautious. Maybe we'll do some Sparklers in a few years, when the new grand daughter gets a little longer in the britches.

We've got that holiday coming up. Will you be planning something exciting?  Our excitement (or maybe just MY excitement) lately has been trying to get our "store" changed into a "shop".  Yes, yes, yes~! It's finally happening!  It's looking less like a grocery store and more like a sewing place everyday. Yesterday our friend John Chrobot got the Gammill Classic re-assembled at the store.
Today I'll load something to christen her into the store!

Need some red, white, and blue inspiration? Here's a free pattern from Marcus- isn't it pretty?
Go HERE for the pattern

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Karen said...

great to hear I'll be seeing you soon.