Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Books!

I love my Kindle and I love Nook on my IPAD. But there's nothing, nothing, nothing like having a new quilting book in your own hands!

You should get a look at all these new publications!  Love it, love it, love it! This one
will come in handy when I get the Gammill down here
and you get to try out quilting on the machine YOURSELF! 
Yep- going to have some lesson, THEN you can rent time on
the machine and finish your own quilts!
I've been enjoying all the quilts lately that use solids. In my case, I might
use more fabrics that *read* as solids. We DO have some solids
on order so keep watching!  Now this quilt - in the MIdnight Quilts book-
I might try using a slate gray or something....

This is an interesting book! Always good to have quilting bees- even
for modern quilt blocks!  

LOVE this one! 
 and this one!
 And this one too!

Right now, the one below is my favorite book.  I took it
to the local Staples and had it wire bound so that it would
lie flat . Great, huh?

You might have noticed that these all tend toward "modern".  I've really been enjoying the simplicity of the "modern" quilts.  Did you know that there's a Modern Quilt Guild in Oklahoma City?  The recently held a Quilt Show of their modern quilts.  I didn't get to go but the pics klook great! 
If you'd like to visit the BLOG you can see their snapshots.  I'm hoping their guild
will bring their quilts to our place for a show....maybe in

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