Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Holding my breath!

Yeah, I know, the Thunder game won't be over for awhile so I'll be holding my breath a long time!

In truth, I'm kinda holding my breath over the transformation of our grocery store into a primarily sewing/quilting place!  I've found myself in the last few days asking hubby to get "his" stuff off my side of the floor!  HAH! Can you imagine?  This is the store HIS grandfather started, and here I am wanting "my side"!  

Almost ALL the stuff in this pic is "his".  Actually, in the pic below, all those
boxes at the back are "his" , too!  All our quilting stuff is 
crammed into the front by that poster that says
"Scrap Basket". I had to give up the side of the shelves near the front of 
the store.  Stan says he didn't have enough room for all his stuff. So 
the "view" from the quilting machine or classroom will be of 
paper towels & toilet paper stacked on that shelf!  It's all good!

The last two big shelves will come out tomorrow--that white thing with 
the box and red trug on top. That'll leave all 
the CENTER of the space completely open.  That's where the
quilting machine will be - on 1 side or the other-- and where
the tables & chairs for classes will be.  
Stan won't let me *schedule* any events until we know that we've
got the store "in order" as much as we can.  

In the meantime- we've got some new patterns & books & a few fabrics in, including
these beatiful FQ packs of Kaufman Kona solids!  Let's see


Marjorie said...

I think you two are having two much fun! Can't wait to see finished pics. My hubs is pulling for Thunder too!

fancystitching said...

I am so excited you are getting to chase your dream of a quilt shop! Sending much love and wishes for great success your way!

Karen said...

WOW!!!!! Things are really looking good down there. I'm so excited can't hardly wait for you to get that quilting machine down there.