Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Old stuff & Hand Embroidery

Isn't this cute? Our friend Bobby has The Best knack for finding cute old stuff.  Yesterday he brought some vintage bird cages to our store which were purchased by another of our friends for his wife because she LIKES that stuff!  The exclamation point applies to the part where the hubby got it for his wife ** because she likes that stuff!**  Isn't that sweet?  And they haven't been married anywhere NEAR as long as we have. Where did I go wrong in training my own hubby??? LOL 

 Anyway, isn't this little pedal car precious?  We have 3 sons who'd have LOVED this when they were little.  Our youngest rode a similar thing at Six Flags when he was about 3 and we thought we'd NEVER get him out of that thing!  It was a day when there were hardly any people there & all he had to do was exit then get in line again through the turnstile to ride again-- but a 3 yr old doesn't understand that process!
 Bobby offered to let us take our grand daughter's pic in it- we'll see.
 Do you know what this is?   I knew immediately and so did Norma Lynn who stopped in yesterday.  I dearly love to hang clothes out on the line and this little faux dress is what would hold the clothespins out there.  Cute, huh?
 See the baggie part where the clothespins go?  Might have to copy this!
Amazing how things appear that seem to be related to other things. That didn't make sense but see if you can make the transition, ok?  The picture below is called Betsy's Closet in Stitches by Brenda Riddle of Acorn Gifts. Clothespin bag to clothes being stitched-- see?
There's a whole blog about stitching it at . I haven't started it yet but I will!  Right now I'm working on a darling pin cushion that's embroidered - a pattern by Lynette Anderson Designs. I got to meet Lynette at Market one year. It's always more fun to make the patterns when you've met the person who designed it!
 I also enjoy Bareroots patterns.  Here are some that arrived at the store yesterday.

This little project book is DARLING! See the pockets in it with folded papers?  Those are patterns for the projects in this half-size booklet.  So Cute!  Shows how to do the stitches and everything!
This is a whole booklet of borders to embroider.  Glad it arrived because we have a group of church women who are developing a project to work on while they're meeting that can eventually be donated. They plan to do some stitching of words like Faith, Patience, Hope, Charity, etc and then use the embroideries in a quilt.  These borders will work great for that!

Here are some cute ornaments that came in-- already printed & colored, you just layer them, stitch, embellish, and there's a precious ornament!

Isn't this a great RedWork design? And a couple more that came in yesterday....

Come on down to our little shop at Key Grocery. We have Hand Embroidery classes and can show you how to do these calming arts. 
And we'll have Hand Smocking classes starting Saturday, Sept. 8!  FREE! 10am 

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Needled Mom said...

LOVE the pedal car!!!! My grandchildren would have a blast in that!

I also love the clothespin holder. If you come up with a pattern are you going to share it? That would look much cuter than what I use!