Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Game

I liken quilting, or making quilt tops, to making my own picture puzzles and then working them. That's exactly what happened yesterday when there was a slow moment at the store.
Here's a piece of interfacing that's printed with a 1-inch grid on point.  Just lay the pieces of fabric on it- any design you choose, and the squares can be any uniform size.
 Mine were uniform because I used the GO! cutter to do the 2" squares.  All done in a jiffy!
 Press to secure the squares to the interfacing, then start sewing in rows.
 Clip the intersections and start sewing the cross-wise rows.
 Less than 30 minutes for the whole thing from cutting the squares to the finished sewn piece.
 It'd look good with the border, huh?
I'm thinking to try this process with some Native American designs. Come play with me! Let's Make Things Again! 

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Marjorie said...

What a wonderful idea - I had seen this done as rotary cut, but WOW, the GO makes it a piece of cake.