Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our First Trunk Show!

Of course you recognize a link from Amazon.com, right? 
 You can get this great pattern book at Ardmore's Scrap Basket, too! Amy Ellis made very cute quilts using some larger pieces and easy methods that will please even long-time quilters!

 Besides the book, we have FIVE of the real quilts in the book for our 1st TRUNK SHOW!  Drop by the store to see them, or wait a few days and maybe by then I'll have the 3 that I'm working on done- or at least the tops done!  AND, on Saturday, Sept 15, we'll be having a small quilt show at the Train Depot in Ardmore.  That Saturday is Fiesta Oklahoma in Downtown Ardmore. Y'all come!

Here's one of tops I'm working on-- it was SO easy to cut out. I can't wait to get to quilt on it & fill all those colors with different patterns!
 Below is the top I finished last night.  I'd planned on having it done earlier but then my sister foot spontaneously  broke a bone so I spent most of yesterday with her at the doctors place. By the time I got home I was aching to sew since I'd been planning on it for the weekend!
 It's very LOUD, isn't it?
Here's a close up showing a little more of what that gray print is like.  Not sure yet whether I'll like the quilt. Sometimes they have to grow on me.  Sometimes I don't like them until they're quilted because they develop a personality as the texture is added. And yeah, sometimes I don't like them even when they're done!  I don't think this will be one of those, though. 
I did actually get to quilt some today-- after helping my sister with her cats and her bath. This was almost like coloring with crayons! Great fun!

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