Monday, September 3, 2012

TransferEze for hand embroidery

From timet to time, I've done hand embroidery. Did you do some as a child?  I learned, like you did, with cotton floss, likely DMC. Along about 10yrs of age, I got to use wool crewel yarns doing the same embroidery stitches but it was called Crewel because of the yarns, I guess. I haven't done any Crewelling in many years, but I haven't gotten back into simple embroidery! 
 This pin cushion was fun to do. I used the COSMO SEASONS variegated embroidery threads and the pattern shows a flower shaped button in the center. I didn't want to use one that a customer might want to use, so I used this other button. It's got crushed walnut shells inside. Came out OK, huh?
I used a piece of linen- very nice to embroider on. And instead of tracing the pattern onto the background as I've done before, I tried a product called Transfer-Eze. It Is GREAT! Just run it through the printer, hand-stick the sheet to the background (no ironing), then start sewing! The product washes out with plain water when you're through and here you see it hanging to dry. Very nice and enjoyable product to use. Here's what it looks like and yes, we have it at the store! 

We also have this other product from Sulky that appears to be the same thing but I haven't tried it yet.
 Below is the pattern we're doing for the Friendship swap that you see the button for on the upper right column. Just printed it, stuck it on there, and will soon be embroidering!
Have you ever SMOCKED?   Coming up! At Ardmore's Scrap Basket. See you soon! 

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Needled Mom said...

It looks darling. I haven't tried that product before.