Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Do you Play Sudoku?

Do you enjoy working puzzles? Crosswords aren't my thing, and 
solving those encryption messes is beyond me. But I do enjoy
working Sudoku puzzles. 
Sudoku puzzles basically use a
 Double 9-patch form.
Each patch, row and column uses digits 0-9
 only one time in each square, row or column.
Do you enjoy picture puzzles?  I do- used to always have one in the works. 
Once, when I worked in Norman, there was an 
"office puzzle" being worked in the break room.  I got
carried away putting pieces in on my break and....well....
Did you know that popcorn in the microwave WILL catch fire? 
Do you get the newsletter from The Quilt Show? Often, there will be a link to a quilt 
done as a picture puzzle. Love 'em but have yet to complete one in under 16 minutes.

Quilts really are puzzles.  I've often compared making the quilt top to "making my own picture puzzle and then working it!"  It's great fun to make the pieces fit and there's no better
satisfaction than finishing a quilt!   Quilted, bound and labelled.

The other day, it hit me. Sudoku, picture puzzles, quilts:  
each has pieces that fit accurately together! Each number or piece of fabric/block fits in just 
one place, but without all the pieces, none is finished.