Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back in Time

We're having our first Cross Stitch class this Saturday.  We planned it pretty quickly so we'll repeat it if you're not free to come Feb. 21.   Deb Boeken will be providing the foundation on which to build your new hobby!  We have kits for participants that have all you need to get going with a small project:  canvas (Aida), floss, needle, hoop, scissor.   We just need YOU !

Have you ever thought about what hotels are good in your own home area?  Never crossed my mind! I've always heard "there's a first time for everything!" Time used to be when the hotels/motels were all along HWY 77 (Commerce street) but now they're all out along I35! Won't there be a change of atmosphere when leaving the hotels to go downtown to the Historical District and our store??

Good memories were made in a similar transition from the "new time" to "old times".  Several of us used to travel to McKinney, TX, to Sharon's Quilt Depot down on "the Square".  We'd leave hwy 69/75 and drive through a neighborhood of older antique-y looking homes toward the old downtown area and it was like traveling back in time! We' shop & splurge on a tasty lunch across the street- they had the Best Pies!  That quilt shop is where I began to love quilting- and-- that's where I saw the Gammill quilting machines and Linda Taylor!

Next weekend, Saturday, Feb 28, we're having a Bargello quilt class. Our technique guru is Mary Easley from Combine, TX. And we've got a student signed up (Hi!, Maryann!) from New Mexico!  How many of us would love to travel to a class somewhere? Welcome, welcome, welcome to Ardmore and our shop!

We also have a number of other ladies who've signed up--so far only 3 have had their fabric  cut for them. I know y'all others will be getting in as soon as you can...hopefully by Saturday so you can have time to get your first strip sets sewn.  The 3 sets I've seen are all gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest of the combinations that day!

Lorna, will you bring your very 1st quilt- that bargello one using the Christmas jelly rolls? Everyone will want to see it.  I'll bring mine that I made 10-12 years ago. Mary will be bringing several examples, also! I'd say if you haven't signed up for the class, drop in to see what you're missing and get a peek of the samples, anyway. Always time for a "quilt show!"

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