Sunday, August 30, 2015

I hope all of you are on our email list.  Especially if you live in our area, there's an email that went out about an hour ago that Fabric Specialists will want to know about!  It's a secret, though, until you get those emails!

We sure have a lot of new fabrics coming in! We've got some 10 x 10's from Cotton and SteelJo Morton fabrics by AndoverSophia by MakowerPie Making Day by RJRVarsity by MODA,  and these are just a FEW of what's been ordered already.  If you're not familiar with the lines by name, click on each of those to see some thumbnails of the fabrics.
We also got in a new book panel with coordinating fabrics, and some "snack packs"  that are like jelly rolls but packaged differently and there's a free pattern with them on that company's website.  The new ones expected include  a novelty kitchen line, some Snowscapes,  a Woodlands line, even a Santa line.   You'll want to stay on top of things by dropping in from time to time to see what's new!

AND---- we have a RETREAT coming up the 3rd weekend in September. We're going to Le Retreat House  in Gainesville, TX for four days.  No interruptions, sew at any hour, lots of good times.  If you're available, it's a great time to start new projects OR catch up on UFOs!

And THEN, there's MARKET in Houston near the end of October.  If you do "your" part (that means come empty the bolts on our shelves so I'll have room for more!)  then I can do "MY" part (that means shop,shop,shop for even more new fabrics!)   Oh, it's a vicious cycle us fabric fanatics endure, isn't it???

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