Friday, August 28, 2015

It's almost September-- it's cooling off outside.  Lake Texoma's water level is finally nearing the level hubby wants.  School's starting. Our beautiful grand daughters are now almost-4 and 10months old. Our new little grandson is 10 wks old. Lots of things are changing, aren't they?

Our website got a face-lift not too long ago- that's so it could be readily accessible by mobile devices. I really like the turquoise-ey color,and the old wood effect. Certainly fits our store in the historic district, don't you think?  Paula Moses  has helped get most of our in-store products up on the web-- Tremendous Helper, you are, Paula! I could never have done it by myself!  It's a tough job just " booking" all the new stuff that's  been coming in lately. That area on the upper right, where the new Pie Making Day fabric on bolts from RJR is showing, is our Instagram feed.  FOLLOW us @keyquilter to see what we're up to on a more instant basis.

Our shop is looking  better and better every day! Last summer, we were  blessed with Jane Allen and Lisa Conway who labored to get the fabrics re-arranged periodically and keep my messes less messy! I am not organized-- I'm CREATIVE and no one can be both! 
This last summer, both Jane and Lisa were otherwise engaged-- we sure missed seeing them as much but Jane still held Damocles' sword over Stan's head...apparently!  When Jane would pull up outside, he'd say "uh-oh- here comes Jane, get all the stuff picked up QUICK!"  And when Stan balked at doing our bidding, we'd say "I'm calling Jane!" and he'd say " Oh-No! Not Jane!"  because he knows he has to tow the line for her! After all, She's the one who makes all the cupcakes! 

We still are blessed with Karen Arnold who helps with sewing and quilting when she can. Jovita Black has been our Godsend when we have youngsters who need sewing training. Debbie Stutsman has been helping with cutting Fat Quarters. And-- oh look! There's Paula Moses again, organizing and re-arranging, sewing some samples and learning the IQ, and what a mind she has! Thank you, Lord, for all the needed help. Yesterday and today were the most feels-like-a-real-quilt-shop days I've ever experienced! Love it!

Y'all come on in- don't miss out on the fun!

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