Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage? not sure it applies to in-laws

We have a couple of pictures up on the shelf at our check out counter. Thought you might like to see the previous owners, aka my parents-in-law.

My mother-in-law Joyce Key.  It was her dad W.R. Gable who started the grocery store and feed store back in 1943 with money he saved up from the WPA job building Lake Murray.  He had a team of horses so he earned $3 per day. If you didn't have your own team, you only earned $1 per day. That's the story as DH tells it, anyway.

My father-in-law Bob Key was originally a band teacher and orchestra leader as you can see by the 
sign.  All three of their kids, Cheryl, Stan and David , got music-a-fied with piano lessons and instruments.   Stan says he hated it but he was gifted, I think. He quit the band after our sophomore year and he'd quit piano lessons before that.  I remember Bob coming to my house with Stan to practice his solo for contest. I was the accompanist, see, for Stan & lots of other band members.  

At some point, it was determined that "teaching" wasn't going to support the family of 5 so Bob had a grocery store across the street from where it is now.  Later he bought out Gable's and it looks pretty much like it does in the picture above showing Joyce. 

It's just a plain-old store inside with 14 ft ceilings with those tin tiles in the ceiling.  Of course the inventory doesn't stack up that high so when it came to my being there, I just could not take all that empty space from the top of the inventory to the ceiling. So............

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fancystitching said...

Thanks for sharing... I enjoyed this history and tour. Do you sell many quilts at the store?