Monday, July 18, 2011

A challenge

Most days I'm up for a challenge. Are you? The answer likely depends on "what" the actual challenge IS, doesn't it? One of our customers at the store asked if I could assemble a quilt from blocks that had been made long ago- when the kiddo was still in the oven.  Evidently there had been a shower where people took "blocks" to personalize.  I've done this before- usually the blocks are uniform, consistently shaped, ready for a quilt.  This one was different. These blocks had been chopped with scissors. And yes, that's the selvedge stll attached.
The idea was an d is a good one. The person in charge of this one, though, wasn't a quilter.  The fabrics given out for the blocks was very thin & loosely woven.  Colors are pretty-- pastels!  The background was an argyle printed flannel.  1st thoughts were to trim up the blocks & try to piece them into some kind of top & back it with the flannel.  Closer inspection of the blocks revealed several that would have had part of the creativity cut off because there was no allowance for the seam.

Yesterday, the box of Steam-a-Seam lite spoke to me and made a fairly easy, fairly pleasing quilt! I put the steam-a-seam on the blocks & then used the pinking rotary cutter to straighten the edges. The block were then repositionable until I decided where to leave them.
The picture below is the parents, of course.  The block below that was hand cross-stitched. The heart to the left was machine embroidered.

The block below includes hand embroidery + a felt flower stitched on.
 It's been said that theres no ugly quilt.  This one turned out cute, too!

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fancystitching said...

That was a very creative solution to a really challenging project!! Good thinking!