Monday, July 11, 2011

EURIKA! Found Treasure

 I came across a box while getting ready to quilt yesterday.  Couldn't say how long the box has had "stuff" in it. Lookie, lookie!  More projects just waiting to be sewn. 
This first group is left over from a kit that made a baby quilt. The quarter circles were sewn onto charm pack pieces and that quilt is on the west wall at our store. I'd forgotten about there being leftovers.  Looks ready to start the same quilt in the "negative values", huh?
The next one is the leftovers from that cherry-pie-looking dresden plate quilt also on the west wall behind the counter...the one that looks SO feminine! Gee, who would leave 2" strips and 2" squares and a whole charm pack just lying around?  
Now see, some people would say- it's just scraps, throw the stuff away!  OH NO! Not at THIS house! All we do is go to the Stash to find something to go with!  White! yes, white! That would do it! Is there any white in the house?

Yesterday I was working on a hand-cross-stitched top with a white background, and the fabric was pretty thin so I was afraid the backing might show through. What to do, oh, what to do?
1st thought: 2 layers of batting ... but that'd be pretty thick when that top fabric was really fine.
2nd thought: a layer of fleece over the batting... but that'd be stiff. Who wants a stiff lap quilt?
3rd time' s thought's the charm: a layer of white fabric under the top but over the batting so it'll give more substance to the top fabric & help avoid the backing showing through. That's it! eurika! Wait- -do we have any white fabric? In fact, we do- it's one of Moda's Puzzle Pieces and it's beautiful! Can you see the  sweet paisley pattern on the fabric? 

This will work GREAT with those scraps shown earlier so, with just a little visit to the Stash, we fixed 3 projects!  You know, sometimes it's nice not having a memory anymore. When I find stuff I forgot about, it's like getting a surprise present!

I'll try to show you that thin fabric and how it's working out.

See -- you can see somebody's hand showing through it.

Here are the layers- the backing (wrong side showing), the white batting (must use white when the top is white), then the layer of white fabric (Puzzle Pieces) then the top which is hand embroidered.
Note to self:  find a model with younger looking hands! 
Sneak peek........
See why I had to be sure the backing wouldn't show through? Tonight we'll bind this. Want to come join me?

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