Friday, December 30, 2011

The 2012 UFO challenge!

Judy Laquidara  has set the challenge again for 2012 to get some UFO's done. I'm going to play along. Perhaps I'll clear up some piles of "Works In Progress" this way!  Here's the link: and here's the button:
1.  I made the following quilt top using a layer cake, a jelly roll AND a honeybun. I sure would like to see it quilted & I hope I'll like it better then!
2. Next on the list- I want to finish this Kaleidoscope quilt. I had taken a Stack-N-Whack class with
a couple of buddies but never did get it quilted!
3. I can't wait to get this next one finished. Made it using a layer cake and some ivory fabric that has
pintucks sewn into it. Bet it makes for some great texture!

4. Gotta finish this one. Hard part is done!
5. Now this one is a scrappy quilt.  All kinds of scraps!  I used a Marti Michell template to cut the colored pieces, a different one for the neutral triangles. When it's put together, there will be 3 intersecting diamonds with background. It'll be cool!
6.  Must finish this one although it's a disappointment. I bought the "kit" because I'd seen it on the wall at a quilt shop in Texas and LOVED the quilting. By the time I started in on the kit, I didn't remember it real well but figured I could remember the quilting as we went. The kit didn't bother to remind me that the sample I saw did NOT have the applique. See, the applique goes where that quilting was supposed to be. DRAT!
7. Probably ought to finish this one. Made it a good 10 years ago!
8. I remember this fabric but I sure don't remember making this quilt top!                                   
9.  Gotta get these 3 alphabet tops quilted. Gotta !                                                                           
10.  Bought this kit when I was FabShopHop'ing last summer.  I'm a sucker for anything purple!
11. It might seem as though I' hung up on red-n-cream. This quilt top was made by my friend Liz.
It'll be a beauty when it'd finally quilted and bound. Had it since spring of 2010.
12. Another kit. No idea where or how I got it.                                                                             
Now let's not be thinking this is ALL we're gonna do in 2012!  These are just the ones
that I figure really *ought* to be done. I've still got a couple dozen client quilt tops
to be quilted, and like every other quilter- at least a couple dozen projects in my head.
And you know what happens when I surf the blogs- even MORE projects
end up getting started! 
So bring it on, 2012!  We'll "git 'er done!"
Happy New Year to ya!


Karen said...

Good Luck on all your UFO's.I'm working on 3 at once and I'm about to pull my hair out. I think about 1/2 of those quilts are mine. The thing is I can't remember what they look like.Boy that's scary . Happy New year to you and Stan!!!!!!

Katie said...

You've got some really pretty projects here. I'm a sucker for purple too (two purple cars in a row, anyone?!), but you don't often see it like in your #10 UFO - I think a lot of people are scared of it. Good luck getting it all done!

Roslyn said...

My goal for 2012, to quilt up all my UFO tops, a dozen so far! I have many kits too so I need to tackle those-but I keep coming up with other more interesting stuff, the grass is always greener,LOL!