Thursday, December 29, 2011

Easy Red-n-White Star quilt top

Using the GO! by Accuquilt sure makes piecing this quilt top fast & easy!   It might have taken 30 minutes to cut out...
For every block, cut 1 dark & 8 light  5" squares using the Accuquilt 5" square die(4-1/2" finished),
                                 and 8 3-1/2" dark squares using the 3-1/2" die (3" finished square).
So for this top of 12 blocks I cut 96 light 5" squares and 12 dark 5" squares,
                                               plus 96 3-1/2" dark squares. That's it! Done with the cutting!
The blocks go together the same as any other 9 patch. Just make the pointy parts by sewing a dark 3-1/2" square on 2 adjacent corners of a light square. Trim the seams each time - you'll find this inside point is offset from the center square so you will not lose the pointy definition in that seam.  The easiest 1 to see is that lighter red check fabric around the dark red center square.
I used a 2-1/2" cut  inside border & a 6-1/2" cut outside border.
Think of all the variations there could be on this fast-to-cut quilt!
1. change the light background to darks & use light or bright fabrics for the stars
2. go even more scrappy- mix all the mediums & darks for the stars- a different
fabric for every star point and star center
3. stick with 2 colors  or color groups but use *color* not neutral such as emerald green background & royal blue stars, bright yellow with blues, purples with golds, etc.
4. make it larger with more blocks
5. make it smaller with fewer blocks! (duh!)
6. set 'em on point
7. offset star blocks with plain 9-patch blocks
8. add sashing & cornerstones
9. use a picture or embroidery or "I Spy" fabric in the star centers
10. more ideas?

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