Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching up again

I've been surfing again and came across Judy Laquidara's 2012 UFO challenge. Tonight I shall (that's emphatic) gather my choice of at least 12 UFO's to list for my part of the challenge. Judy picks a certain item each month, like #3  or #6, etc, and that's the one we endeavor to finish that month.  So to prepare for that, I'd better finish the ones I'd already mentioned, huh?

 Last time I showed the red & cream quilt top that I used the GO! machine to cut pieces for. (Bad syntax, I know). I always like them better after quilting. I'd made one of these for a lady last Christmas but the names were really big & showy on it. This one, I tried to be more subtle because I wasn't happy with that one last year. Turns out the owner liked that last one & wished the names were bigger on this oe. Oh well, can't win 'em all!

And I finished the t-shirt quilts.

and of course no blog post is complete with out my little darlin'!


fancystitching said...

Nice! Seems you have adapted to the "Grandma" job very quickly! Happy New Year!

Alycia said...

Nice quilts!! I like that red star one... Is it your pattern? I saw that you cut all the pieces with your go!! I love it!