Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weenie Dogs?

Well, do YOU like weenie dogs?  I've never gotten to have one so I don't know anything about them. People who like Weenies seem to love them Lots!  And I was told the other day that a good Dachshund can jump several feet high and that they're good hunters!  Who'd a thunk?  

 This quilt was made by a lady whose family LOVES Dachshunds. Perla drew her own picture of a dog and appliquéd it all over this quilt.  Somebody will be sleeping with the dogs! Why not- they're good company!  And they only rarely talk back!

Now this quilt was a little different to work on.  The center squares are almost all double knit. Brings back some memories, doesn't it?  We liked it at the time!  Now we like cotton, cotton and more cotton!
The borders are cotton. I did a loop with echoes in the borders hoping it would give it a "wave" like a flag. And there's quite a bit of quilting fill around the white stars.  Hope they like it! 


beaquilter said...

great job on quilting. I think dachshunds were hunting for either rabbits or something like that, a small animal that has a burrow... ( I grew up with a basset hound and they hunter bigger but similar animals)

Needled Mom said...

LOVE the weenie dog quilt. My sister has four little weenie dogs and would go crazy over that quilt.