Friday, May 19, 2017

What's our Purpose here at the shop?
A friend once asked me did I want to be a quilt shop, a sewing  machine shop, an embroidery shop, a quilting business (as in finish quilts)? 
The friend's point was that this one little shop can't be everything to everybody- not even to me!  Apparently I'm still trying, though, because our little shop is overflowing with goodies that people have requested or that I've seen and know they're good, etc.  You ought to try to see all the new, ready to order fabrics at Market or that the Saleman brings and yet say "NO" to most of them just because there's no place to put them. Yeah! No room at the Inn -I mean SHOP.

 That was my face after a young lady left around lunchtime.  She'd asked about making a Dutch Doll or Sunbonnet Sue quilt --in pinks.  As we were discussing it, all SORTS of ideas popped up- adding trims and buttons, laces around the skirts, embellishing the bonnets, etc.  Even making some of them 3D!
THAT's WHY I have this shop!  I just thoroughly enjoy helping generate ideas and share inspirations.  (And the really best part is that after thinking  "it" up, They have to go execute it, not me! I'm off the hook!!)

Inspiration Social

Here's another thing I'm getting excited about-- the Hooping and Software event we're having on June 16 and June 17.  To register, click on the purple "Inspiration Social" above. You only have to come 1 day, they're both the same. Some people can only come on Saturdays but for others, a weekday is better. And hey--we'll feed you something in the middle of the 4 hours!~ What will you learn?  Attendees will learn how to:
  • hoop everything from a onesie to a terrycloth towel
  • discover the industry’s preferred method of placement
  • measure and mark without leaving a trace
  • land the embroidery where they planned!
  • use the pros’ applique tips
  • create and critique precision lettering
  • turn words into artwork
  • edit designs on the fly
  • transform simple sketches into artistic thread works
  • multiply their embroidery design stash
  • master continuous embroidery
I got to attend an event like this last year - I learned a LOT!  And I acquired a new hoop offered at this event that was extra special when Paula Moses want to applique the tires on a finished/quilted piece.  We programmed a certain size circle on the BROTHER embroidery machine, then hooped the finished quilt in the magnetic hoop for stitching, then just kept moving the quilt down the hoop instead of actually having to Re-Hoop.  It's Awesome!

What 'd you say?  You don't have an Embroidery Machine???  Boy have we got a DEAL for YOU!!
That of course is a BROTHER combination sewing and embroidery machine. We have numerous models at different price points. We also have Embroidery Only machines if you only want to add the possibility to embroidery.  All of the machines will have GREAT prices and there are Special Deals in combination with software.  Financing is possible through DIME or Synchrony.  So start Dreaming! 
Register now so you Don't Miss Out! 

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