Saturday, June 23, 2018

Our shop, Key Grocery and Quilts, is my happy place.  I hope it's a happy place for many of you as well!    Consider this your invitation to join us anytime!  Especially on July 13-14.  We'll be having a party like Christmas in July.  I know you've heard of that.  

Kim Christopherson is one of the most creative people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  In February, I got to visit her business and her sister's quilt shop in Logan, Utah.  That was my second  time to see mountains covered in snow.  It was lovely! 

Our workshop was held in the HUGE classroom above My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe (owned by Kim's sister Kris).  There were top-of-the-line embroidery machines of all kinds.  They had a machine ready to match the types of machines we all sell so each of us sewed with a familiar machine. All we had to learn was the projects, AND all the tips from Kim, Kris and all the other shop owners or educators that were there.   That part was fun enough but there were GAMES thrown in plus FOOD galore.  We were treated like royalty and I wish to do the same for YOU! And all of us attendees graduated to make our shops Kimberbell Certified!

Our 2nd event is called Merry & Bright, and it's all by Kimberbell Designs.  Complete KITS are provided that have exactly the right size fabric pieces included, all embellishments to make our projects as cute as Kim's are, and full-size color instructions.  We have powerpoint presentations to make our following the instructions easier and clearer, and you get a CD with ALL the project designs in several sizes. You can complete them even if your machine's largest hoop is only 5" x 7".

I desperately want to share the fun with you!  It's the only time I've ever seen KITS that have absolutely EVERYTHING included and such preparation done from inception.  The designs have been sewn HUNDREDS of times before they ever leave the workshop in Logan, and all formats are available on the CD.  How far is it to any other  machine embroidery place if you don't come HERE?  and I WANT YOU!   The full price for TWO DAYS of projects is  $169, and it includes 2 meals.  THERE'S A DISCOUNT OF $20 IF YOU SIGN UP BY MONDAY  so go HERE to sign up RIGHT NOW! (PLEASE)

We'll be closed for vacation from July 4 through July 9. Valero is having their yearly BBQ on Broadway right in front of store's a good time to take a break.  But we'll be ready for you to come party with us that weekend, Friday and Saturday, July 13 & 14.  Don't miss it! 

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